CSPRA Rulebook 2015.pdf
CSPRA Bylaws.pdf
NSPRA Rulebook.pdf

**Please note that any changes made to the rule book during the year will be listed below. Rulebook for 2016 will
be updated soon. Where there is not a ruling in the CSPRA rulebook we will fall back on NSPRA rules.

CSPRA Rule Additions/Deletions/Changes (made after 2015 rule book was printed):

-If the ribbon runner touches the rope before the roper touches the calf the team shall be disqualified.

-Late Entries - shall be allowed until noon the day following phone-in-entries and for a charge of $25.

-Roughstock Rides - shall be six (6) seconds in length for a qualified ride.

-Calf Ropers/Men's Breakaway - men 68+ can enter all three (3) events (CR60, CR68+, MBA) but must declare two only at the start of the rodeo year for points for all-around purposes.

- Calf Ropers 75 years old and over will get a three (3) second advantage on their runs.

-In any event where age groups are combined (SB, BB, BR, SW), and all age groups compete for same purse and one set of points, with two being entered in that contest it will be considered a contest and appropriate earned points will be awarded in each age group.

-Distressed Event/Drop Down Rule - this rule no longer exists in CSPRA.

-Option/Swing Year Rule - this rule no longer exists in CSPRA. Members must complete in the age group that they are going to be in that calendar year (ie: if you turn 50 in December you will be in the 50s group)

-Barrel Racing Timer Fee:  page 20, rule 5g - this fee will no longer be charged by CSPRA.

-Ladies Barrel Racing 68+ - a new age group in 2016. At the finals there must be at least five (5) qualified contestants in this age group or it will not be included.

-Event Fee - a $5.00 event fee will be charged, per contestant, per event, per rodeo, to go to the rodeo committee.

-Medical/Vet Releases - must be sent in to the CSPRA office within five (5) days of the rodeo.

-Secretary & Rodeo Office Rules:  page 15, rule 10 - will be changed to add “plus GST” to the $2.50 & $6.00 fees.

-Drawing Out & Entry Refund:
-page 20, rule 1 - any reference to “entry preferences” will be deleted as CSPRA does not use a preference system.
-page 20, rule 2 - contestants now have only five (5) days from the day of the rodeo to get their medical or vet release forms into the CSPRA office or they will be treated as a turn out and be responsible for all fees.

-General Rules:  page 10, rule 12 – changed to “two contestants make a contest”.

-Point Award System:  page 25 – Bonus points are based on the number of contestants who actually competed.

-Barrel Racing Electric Timers:  page 19, rule 5a - replace hundredths with thousandths in both timing and payout.
-Breakaway Rules:  page 13 – any reference to two or more loops will be changed to only one loop is allowed.

-Hardship Rule:  If a contestant must medical out of an event, both the contestant and their spouse can medical out under the same release form with no penalty.


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