2018 CSPRA Rulebook.pdf


**Please note that any changes made to the rulebook during a year will be listed below.
Where there is not a ruling in the CSPRA rulebook we will fall back on NSPRA rules.

PLEASE NOTE these new rule changes made for the 2018 rodeo season:

- MOTION PASSED: that we move the CSPRA AGM to the first rodeo of the year

- MOTION PASSED: that we run the finals steer wrestling slowest to fastest as is done with all other events excluding barrels

- MOTION PASSED: that ribbon roping calves are not to be tied at any time during the run  CLARIFIED 01/25/18

- MOTION PASSED: that male heelers age 50 and over can tie on hard and fast in team roping

- MOTION PASSED: that we recommend heelers tying on to use mechanical quick release devices

- MOTION FOR TRIAL: to use one pen of consistent, equal quality cattle for team roping, for all age groups to draw from

- MOTION PASSED: that contestants who draw out after callback, for any reason, are responsible for office fees, admin fees, and
                               finals fees, payable to CSPRA within two weeks, and prior to next rodeo entry, or be placed on the suspended list.

- MOTION PASSED: that for all around award calculations, contestants must be entered in a minimum of two events with a maximum of three events counting towards the award. If entered in more than three events, the contestants' top three events at year end will used for point calculations.

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