NOTE:  we will be printing a new rulebook for the 2021 rodeo season - stay tuned!

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CSPRA Bylaws.pdf

NSPRA Rulebook.pdf

Where there is not a ruling in the CSPRA rulebook we will refer to NSPRA rules then PRCA rules.

Rulebook Changes for 2020:

- MOTION PASSED: to change the added money for the Steer Wrestling and Roughstock events to be the same amount as the timed events and to revert the Steer Wrestling event "roughstock" designation back to being a “timed event” designation.

Rulebook Changes for 2019:

- AMENDED MEDICAL SERVICES RULE Sec II.D.8.a.:  In the best interest and safety of all in attendance at any CSPRA rodeos, it will be the hosting rodeo committee's responsibility to supply, at all performances and slacks, a minimum of two medical personnel, with at least one being a Primary Care Paramedic (PCP, formerly known as EMT) and one Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), licensed by the provincial government, plus Alberta Health Services required Basic Life Support equipment to have the ability and means to stabilize a critically injured patient. Failure to comply with this rule is a finable offense that will be determined by the CSPRA Board of Directors.

- MOTION PASSED TO AMEND: Rules Sec II.B.4.d. on pg10 and Sec II.E.1.c. & c.1).:  Should committees choose to allow non-members/locals to compete at a rodeo, a non-member/local may enter only one (1) rodeo per year. That is one rodeo total, NOT one location.

- MOTION PASSED:  to keep the "one-pen" system in the team roping event, except at the finals, with any discrepancies left to the directors.

- MOTION PASSED:  to increase full memberships by $20 to help pay for the jobs we can no longer get volunteers for (ie: finals coordinator and rodeo equipment coordinator).

- MOTION PASSED:  anyone 80 years and older will receive a free "Lifetime Membership".

- MOTION PASSED:  set ups are no longer allowed at any rodeos. 

Rulebook Changes from 2018:

- CORRECTION TO RULE 4b on pg20:  Contestants who draw out after callback with MO/VO/HR/VI releases, are responsible for office fees, admin fees, and finals fees, payable to CSPRA within two weeks, and prior to next rodeo entry, or be placed on the suspended list. Turn outs are still responsible for all fees.

- CORRECTION TO RULES 5b+c pg42:  Barrel Race times recorded by hand watch will be recorded to the hundredths (not tenths).

- MOTION PASSED:  to change the number of suspended days on Medical or Visual Injury Releases from 10 days to be that they cannot compete in the event(s) drawn out of for the remainder of rodeos at that location only.

- MOTION PASSED:  for all around award calculations, contestants must be entered in a minimum of two events with a maximum of three events counting towards the award. If entered in more than three events, the contestants' top three events at year end will used for point calculations.

- MOTION PASSED:  raking of the barrel pattern and arena will occur as directed by the Barrel Racing Director or representative and will occur consistently throughout the program, and after the designated runs in the program, and NOT by actual runs on the ground.

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